Critical Discourse Studies and Technology: A Multimodal Approach to Analysing Technoculture (Bloomsbury Advances in Critical Discourse Studies) - Ian Roderick, Michal Krzyzanowski, David Machin, John Richardson

I liked this book because it reads technology from a new perspective, the multimodal one. MDA is increasingly being spotlighted because of the new possibilities it offers, that is understanding technology not only as a set of tools made to serve us, but as apparatuses that affect our daily life and our culture. What I did not like is that the analysis is overloaded with examples and quotes. This is not a bad thing usually, but when it seems that the book is patched with too much media examples, and filled with quotes from thinkers like Deleuze and Foucault, it makes me lose interest a bit. Nevertheless, the book is original and attempts to offer new perspectives which I appreciate a lot.