I've read 22 pages....

Night and Day - Virginia Woolf, Julia Briggs

I remember few years ago when I've just started to read English literature. I was an undergraduate student and I had modern literature as a subject. I was never impressed by the "great authors," and no matter how many times our teachers praised Woolf, Joyce or T.S Eliot, I was unimpressed, partly because it is in my skeptical nature to doubt, and partly because I was not open to worldwide literature so I didn’t think that there could be anything great in a woman called Woolf. I read Mrs Dalloway mostly to attempt understanding what the whole fuss is is about. I didn’t like it. It was nonsense even though the previous week we learnt about stream of consciousness and that it was part of the novel. I rejected it as “meh” and read Twilight instead. (Don’t judge me, I was but a foolish gal). Anyway I didn’t read after that anything by Woolf. I always kept her within a great distance and refused to go there. The other day, last week, I was bored and decided to watch the Hours, a movie semibiographical that promises to tell us more about Woolf and her person… I just decided that it was time to confront her again out of curiosity if anything. I tried finding Mrs. Dalloway to reread it, as the movie is centered on that novel as well, but I couldn’t find it. And instead opted for Night and Day.

It is true that I’m only 22 pages in the novel, but there is something that already strikes me as captivating. The first pages are always decisive for me. I either continue the work or drop it right away, and I am positive that I will not be disappointed. Earlier, I was trying to wonder why suddenly, I’m started to like Woolf’s prose, and it seems that for 3 years that I’ve been studying about various things, I realize that words of wisdom, that took me weeks to absorb are here… in the first 22 pages of Night and Day….