I don't create characters. I let them speak for themselves.

Conversations with Don DeLillo - Thomas DePietro, Don DeLillo

I am not really the sort of readers who believe that it is crucial to read about an author in order to understand his works better. But I may start to question that assumption. Reading interviews with DeLillo offered me a broader vision of his novels. It's not that he established some truths about his works. quite the contrary. He shows us that we need to actually dialogue with the characters rather than with their writer. Most of the time, when he is asked about why this or that character does this or that, he answers that he does not particularly know because he isn't the character, or that he does not understand the character himself. This incites me to give more attention to characters, and actually try to 'dialogue' with them in order to understand them better. Therefore, authors do not give straightforward answers; they rather give us clues about how to approach characters ourselves.