I Died Like the Immovable Man on a Bench

Love-Lies-Bleeding - Don DeLillo



Alex, a lively man, enters a vegetative state after two strokes. Lia (his wife), Toinette (ex wife), and son try to keep him alive, but for how long will they be able to take care of him? Will a day arrive when they will want to break free from a static situation?


Like in all the books I read by DeLillo, death is present. Death is the most dangerous illness. It is what pushes us to do crazy things in order to stay alive; but ironically it turns against us. It may even shorten life.


I like DeLillo's style but the main themes are getting too repetitive already (I read  6 books by him so far). I hope that the rest of the novels will not get boring (this means that im done with the plays!)