Can we Outsmart Death?

White Noise (Picador 40th Anniversary Edition) (Picador 40th Anniversary Editn) - Don DeLillo

I thought that I will not like this novel. I thought that all the fuss about it was exaggerated.

I was wrong.

I enjoyed this novel a lot. I laughed a lot while reading it. I liked the irony, the sarcasm, the tragic-attractive moods. I liked the contradictions and the writing style. In short I liked it whole.

There is one reoccurring theme: death. How can we get rid of death? What if there is a pill for avoiding the fear of death? There is a pill for everything so why not death?

If a cure from the fear of death is found, what could be the consequences? It is interesting that the major side effect from which the patient who takes the pill of release suffers from is forgetting. Forgetting is a sort of death as the patient starts to forget everything that makes her alive, except the fear of death. This of course shows that such pill is bound to fail.