At last!

Don DeLillo's White Noise (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) - Jesse Zuba, Harold Bloom, Don DeLillo

I have mixed feelings about this books.

Some of the essays were good; others were just plain boring and repetitive.

All in all, there was some useful information that make it worthwhile to read the critical books.

Since the essays are collected and brought here as separate entities, there was a lot of repetive which was redundent and annoying.
It seems that there are a set of themes that keep being mentioned over and over again until...



These themes are:


Death: how Jak and Babette want to cease fearing death, and how they carry on their plans to stop being scared of death.


Consumer-space: products that you find at the supermarket can save you from death.


Tv: tv can give you the satisfaction of seeing the sublime, that is catastrophes, while you're safe in your couch with your family and beer in hand.


Simulacra: we are living in a copied image

Words: they have power but they have become meaningless.