The Names are Inscribed on Rocks and Walls...

The Names - Don DeLillo



I think that Delillo's novels are the sort of novels that you either like or dislike. But then again i've read only two novels so far by him (and half a third novel), so it is still early to claim being right about this.


I liked The Names alright. I enjoyed it in the sense that it’s not a boring novel. It does not give you free information. One has to dig and decipher in order to understand what the narrator means by this or that. It makes one think and wonder about things that seemed to be mundane, but which can have a great impact on one’s life.


Yet I haven’t enjoyed The Names as much as Point Omega. While Point Omega was short and poignant, The Names is long and lacked focus and is somehow choppy toward the end. Don’t get me wrong, being choppy is partly what makes its charm, but it is not the sort of choppy that kept me on guard, and that helped me connect all details together at the end of the novel (this is why I said that Delillo’ s novels could be the sort of novels that you either like or dislike. Even when all the elements are there to like them, there could still be an ‘unnamed’ problem preventing one from enjoying them). To be fair, I don’t think it’s the novel’s fault as much as my inability to concentrate on reading lately. So I will need to reread it at some point, when I have the right mood for it in order to understand if the problem emanates from my lack of concentration or if the novel is just not for me.