Hamlet - William Shakespeare

Honestly, I was never a big Shakespeare fan. I thought that he was overrated, and that he doesn’t have anything special, not more than Marlow, Goethe, and so on. I still believe that his plays are overrated; but I must admit that they are not devoid of beauty, shaped by their diction and overly dramatic instances.


There is a scene that particularly touched me. Act three, scene one, is one of those instances that make me glimpse at why Shakespeare is considered a legend. It’s not his “be or not to be” question that touched me the most. But it’s how  Hamlet turn against his own love in order to pacify a burning revenge. Hamlet loves Ophelia, but he has sworn to obtain revenge. He sacrifices what could be beautiful in his life in order to fulfill his responsibility. His curse is that he must pay for what his uncles did. He has to pay for the sins of another.


On a side note, it was funny how Shakespeare suddenly killed everyone. The play cannot end unless its heroes an anti-heroes end with it.