From greatness to YA

Half a World (Half a King, Book 2) - Joe Abercrombie

The three main reasons why this novel was disappointing:



1- The most obvious one: I am used to better works from Joe Abercrombie. I really don’t know what happened. It’s like if this novel was a product of a passing whim which was supposed to go on its way without finding concreteness on paper. It’s like if he was writing a draft to waste time it was published by mistake. What the hell happened?



2- The plot: had the plot remained focused on Yarvi, the twist, it would have been better. At least, he was an amusing apprentice of Mephisto. It’s true that the novel walks according to his tricks, but he was shadowed by Thorn. Now I really don’t know why there had to be a novel on this whiny, narcissist, egocentric girl. We had to endure reading about her unrealistic progress, her insecurities, her idiocies. The author wanted to introduce a teenager version of Ferro maybe, and it is a complete disaster.



3- I was not captivated enough: the battles, the dialogues, and the atmosphere were boring. There was no depth in them. The narration only passed by the surface of events, and I couldn’t sympathize with the characters.



I have nothing against YA, but I think that maybe Abercrombie should stay away from it.