Prince of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence

The only thing that Jorg desires more than killing people on a whim is revenge. He wants reparation and he will do anything to get it. He wants to get over the nightmare that haunts every moment of his life, but no matter how much he tries, the nightmare repeats itself in his mind over and over again. The loss of his beloved ones turns him into a monster. But is that loss the only thing that motivates his actions ?


I relatively liked this novel, even if “liked” is not the appropriate word. I understand that it stays true to its context: it is set in a brutal world, so it is utterly brutal. There is no room for mercy and compassion. It is set in a dark place and there is no room for light, so if the reader cannot handle that, they should not read it.


The novel is short ; it has a quick pace which suits the atmosphere. The way events are related correspond with the personality of the main character: it is to the point, for Jorg is a little brat who doesn’t like to delay any war or killing. He sets a plan and gets right into action. He is heartless and arrogant but a good tactician, and most importantly: he is the most evil little p**** ever. He reminds me of Kvothe, but Kvothe is not that sick.



Will I read the sequel? I don’t know. Surely not unless curiosity wins.