Hello everyone!


I hope that you are all doing ok. I've missed you all.
I've been away for some time because I was travelling to look for a job. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything within my field. I really hated having to go through interviews, it made me feel as if I was a piece of meat thrown in front of buyers who try to evaluate my worth. Ugh. So now I hold a master degree and no job, which is pretty depressing.


I haven't been doing any reading, which was particularly annoying. Not getting my fix of books made me edgy and moody, but now I'm back and with time (hopefully) to read!

I have received three books that seem very interesting. I will be reading them along with the ones I have already started!

I am very intrigued about how time works and I think that this will be a good introduction


I've received this book in a giveaway, and it seems really interesting as well!



I've been enjoying the first book of this series so I decided to get the trilogy in one book! I hope that the next books will be as good as the first.