Hippolytus - Richard Hamilton, Euripides

Never take hasty decisions

Never judge too fast

For the consequences may be

Greater than you can bear.


Tarnished by pride, Hippolytus dares to defy Aphrodite. He refuses to show due respect to her, so she obtains revenge. She uses his father’s wife to bring him to his doom, and in this ordeal, many a person meets their death.


Phaedra and Hippolytus fight in a game of gods and both die because of Aphrodite's and Artemis's caprices. The proud gods take revenge on others through playing with the lives of pious servants. Once again, Euripides mocks the gods. They do not hesitate to use humans as pawns in their wars, so do they really value the lives of their servants? 


I can neither side with Hippolytus nor with Phaedra. I don’t see the issue from a gender perspective as much as from a religious one. In here, both humans act according to the paths that the gods set to them. Phaedra is manipulated into falling for Hippolytus, while Hippolytus is destroyed by the excessive faith? In Artemis (who does not do anything to save him. she just appears in the end, when he was dying, when it was too late to do anything, to clarify that he did not violate Phaedra).


Hippolytus and Phaedra find themselves carried by events they cannot control. And mistake after mistake leads them to their death.