"What do you really want, Leigh?"

The Lost: A Crow City Novel - Cole McCade



Clarissa Leigh has desires, ones she cannot voice, as she is scared of the reaction of her husband, of her mother, of the society within which she has to endure everything with a smile. She keeps a mask to stifle everything she needs, she wants. She strives to be a good wife, but it just does not work. She fails as a mother, as a wife, and as a daughter, so she runs away, and that’s where the story begins.

Leigh decides not to get attached, to live day by day with only one aim, find the next man she will share a bed with for a night. For four years that plan worked just find, until she meets Gabriel, and that’s where her waking dream ends. He makes her realize that there are better possibilities for her, a better life, and she tries to fight her way toward it.


There novel was okay. It deals with issues hard to speak about, and it words them smoothly. Nevertheless, I don’t like that the whole novel was concentrating on Leigh

savor[ing] the feeling of her own wetness against her skin

But then again that’s what the novel is really about: how she is addicted to sex, and how she tries to think less with her desires in order to find a balance in her life and be able to take back her son and tae care of him appropriately.


The novel could do with some revision on her addiction through. The writing style was okayish except for the endless repetitions. But then again, the novel would have shrank considerably if these kind of sentences don’t come over and over again…