I don't want to be a victim

52 Likes - Medeia Sharif

I would give anything in the world not to have any of this happen to me. I would've sacrificed my car and my whole bank account just to feel like myself again.


Valerie was a normal girl. Until the rape. She is then raped Valerie: lost, broken, and scared. Yet, Valerie cannot just hide and fade away. It’s not her who should disappear into forgetfulness and be punished for what happened to her. It’s her assaulter who has to be put behind bars, and she is determined to do anything to make that daydream come true….



52 Likes is a short novel which deals with the suffering of rape victim. It gives a glimpse of how they have to deal with the assault, and how they can go forward by not letting the rape destroy their lives. The novel takes a detective turn when Valerie starts receiving pictures of the rape. Not only hers but other girls’ as well. She is determined then to find the raper (who also happens to be a killer) not just for her but for the girls he killed


The novel was smoothly moving. I always wanted to know what will come next, how Valerie will deal with her problems and how she may find some peace, but the novel just lost a bit of its seriousness when… Valerie started to receive messages from the raper’s previous victims. This would not have bothered me if the victims were not ghosts….


What was more annoying is how Valerie accepted them as ghosts so easily, when she clearly was not the type who believes in ghosts and oh the persons to whom she reveals that she is texting with ghosts willingly believe her. That scenes turn to be “omg you talked with ghosts! That’s nice, yes yes I believe in ghosts, and they may communicate with you through your phone. Makes sense!”.




That part was just out of place. I think the novel would have been more serious and realistic to me if that part was totally dropped, but then again the ghosts made it easier for Valerie to find the raper. Too easy maybe. It’s like if the author wanted to stress that things get easier once the raper is found, and concentrating on that distorted the plot a bit.


All in all though it was a good read despite what I’ve mentioned above.