Antigone's Stream of Consciousness

The Antigone Poems - Terrence Tasker, Marie Slaight

This collection of poems feels like Antigone's stream of consciousness.
It's like if she was given a voice after two tragedies of hers: the first takes place after her father poked his eyes out, and she was guiding him here and there. And the second tragedy refers to when she was caught trying to burry her brother, and was about to be executed. She goes through what happened, still shocked. We just have a glimpse of thoughts which bit by bit distantiate themselves from the present, sending all the misery to another realm; as everything present themselves to her like images of longing, pain, loneliness, and rage, suffering.



Chapter one: her frustration. She is going through a moment of weakness. She seeks strength and courage to go on.


Chapter two: her pain. Her need of delivery, her hopes… in vain?

Carve nails to my flesh. You draw blood. I drown.



Chapter three: her mark

Your anguish sought this blackened veil. Your anger wrought this iron hell.


Chapter four: Her life in exile.

Words that scrape.

Words that scar.

Words that have no peace.


Chapter Five: Her rage, her sacrifices, her longings.

(Black sun. Green wind.)

Into the angry wilds.


And what have I done.

I don’t know.

I have written a few words

Created a few images

Influences a few lives.