What was this About Exactly?

Darkness Brutal (The Dark Cycle Book 1) - Rachel A. Marks

Aiden: I must protect Ava! And Choose between Kara and Rebecca! I wanna have sex too, dammit!

Ava: I have to protect Aiden!

Kara: I.. can’t

Rebecca: oh Aiden….

Sid: Don’t do that, Aiden, just don’t!


I’ve been trying to deny it. I told myself we’d have time, that maybe nothing would happen this year.


I wanted to stop reading this novel several time. But my curiosity is a curse. I wanted to know how badly it would end. And it ended badly alright.

The story at first did not seem bad actually, but 15% through it and it was already going downhill pretty fast.


So the story is about a young man who can see demons and know how people feel. Everyone he meets seems to be directly connected to him. As if everyone’s life depends only on his. He is basically the center of the world, as he makes them move as he wishes. Little arrogant jerk.
The lives of his crushes revolve around him. They dream of him. They draw him THEY are about him. Everything seems connected to him.


we are connected, Aide. Somehow. I don’t know how.


Nothing is left unsullied. Aiden’s existence disturbs not the world he lives in but the novel itself. The plot is just so damaged by his presence that I couldn’t take it seriously. He was too whiny, too sensitive, too annoying.



What I really disliked is the twist of things. How things were explained. Aiden is not only the son of a prophet, but he is apparently the savior of the world; and in order to save the world he has to jump a girl, a girl who is pretty damaged and can’t handle having sex.


Basically the plot is dull. The characters move like puppets. There are no real conversations. What I’m reading are random scenes: not worked out, not proofread, not realistic enough, not attractive.