It's already over? :(

Last Argument of Kings - Joe Abercrombie




Glokta: Why do I do this?

Logan: Once a killer always a killer.

West: these headaches...

Jezal: I'm a coward.

Bayaz: You're all  puppets. And I control everything. Worms.

Ferro: I hate you all.






I loved this novel. I just loved it and the fact that I am reluctant to criticize it is proof enough that I loved it. Though few things must be said.


I am not giving it 5 stars because it is flawless and has no noticeable weaknesses. The novel suffers from a great length of unwanted repetition. I am not speaking about maxims and repeated phrases. In fact those make the novel more appealing. What I found annoying is that the characters do not really change in their thinking. From book 1 to book 3 they remain static despite what they go through. However, because the characters are likeable enough this counterbalances how boring some parts are. At some point it was as If I was reading the same mundane movement of characters. Some went smoothly (Logan, Glokta), some were like a piece of cactus I had to swallow (Jezal, Bayaz).


Did I say that I loved this novel?


Yes I did.


Some parts were expected some were surprising. The author developed the plot in twisted ways and that’s how it works in the world of the First Law.

And I really want to read more about Logan and Glokta, especially Glokta. So I will just read the graphic novels (even if I never do) just to make them last.