Les Pensées

Les Pensees: The Thoughts of Lucienne Hollard McKay - Anne Victory, Lilian Polk, Lucienne Hollard McKay

One of the few lines I liked :


Si vous me donnez une rose,

Donnez-le-moi sans épines;

Si j'ai une épine, je n'oublierai pas.


If your gift to me is a rose...

Let it be thornless,

Lest I not be able to forget the thorn.







The Thoughts of Lucienne Hollard Mckay discuss matters of love, religion, longing, and hope. Each poem unfolds a certain feeling and delivers it in a simple/delicate way to the reader.


Most of the time the simplicity was a source of boredom to me, unfortunately. I couldn’t get myself to enjoy these poems because they neither invited me to think and imagine realms beyond my own nor did they stir any feeling in me, and for me that is what poetry does.


The translation is a good one though. It respects the original writing, and conveys it as authentically as possible.