Homo Faber (Penguin Modern Classics)

Homo Faber (Penguin Modern Classics) - Max Frisch This was a difficult novel to read. It's not difficult to understand the words, nor is the translation bad. It's rather the events themselves and the way they are conveyed that is draining. Homo Faber deals with many issues: incest, technology, postcolonialism, incest in the age of technology, loss, desire, and emptiness.
The protagonist, Walter Faber, a completely rational man, who only believes in statistics and technology, fidns himself driven in a journey he was never meant to take. One flight, one plane, changes the course of his life drastically. He does not know how to deal with it because in his mind such events should not even be possible to happen. Yet, they did. and at the end he finds himself loaded with a mixture of regret and misunderstanding.