The Last Quarrel: Episode 1

The Last Quarrel: Episode 1 - Duncan Lay 3.5

Fallon : I love my family, but I want to fight ! I need to fight!
Cavan : I need to save my people. I have to fight!

People disappear. Children are abducted and those who do it leave no trace. Are they mortal? Are they mythical creatures coming to life? Whatever it is, it created havoc, and few dare to stand strong to fight it. Few wish to restore peace either to prove their worth or to protect their people.
This is a story filled with suspense. You are not going to get bored. It is short (maybe too short but that’s ok), and it does not lose time to move forward. It lacks, maybe, more action but it is still interesting to read. What I like the most is that you are sure of nothing. Even if it’s easy to guess what might happen next, you are still not sure if the villains are mortals or something else.