Principes et préceptes du retour a l'évidence - Lanza del Vasto

This book is a set of maxims about a return to the self. The narrator chooses to wander away from cities and from the consuming daily life in order to find a deeper meaning of life. The fact that he takes a distance vis-à-vis a busy life helps him detect how it exhausts one's inner peace and strength. 

But the more he stays away from other human beings the weaker he becomes. After all we are social beings and even though we find many faults with being with others, we still need to keep them nearby.


There are many lines I liked in this book. Here are a few:


Tu as trop de vie, grande ville.

Trop de vie s'appelle fièvre.
Fièvre est signe de maladie.

Ta maladie s'est de n'avoir pas de raison d'être.


Tu sais que tu es: c'est l'évidence première.

Mais savoir ce que tu es est un savoir que tout savoir ignore.


Ne répète pas: Je pense, donc je suis.
Demande-toi: suis-je moi-même?