Before They Are Hanged - Joe Abercrombie


Rarely do I like a series and stick to it.

This one is just very good.


Glokta, West, Logan follow their paths with their respective groups, paths filled with danger and uncertainty. Each path leads to death and unexpected encounters. They face  a lot of violence and some worthwhile heartbreaking moments. But I still don’t know where Jazel sticks. The guy just seems useless so far.


The setting unfolds slowly but surely. It’s not disappointing at all though a bit draggy at times. But I let that pass as the story keeps surprising me. I would have just wished that the author wouldn’t keep repeating himself too much, but sometimes it adds to the beauty of the reading, especially when Logan and Glokta are concerned.


There is not much else to say, as there is not much else to complain about.


After going through two books I'm left with more questions than before, so I cannot wait to finish this trilogy.