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Altar of Reality - Mara Valderran

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


Madeline: I need to please everyone.
Thomas: I love you but I will cheat on you.
Brandon: I will protect you.


I really tried to finish this novel. Really. But I just could not.

The novel does not have a fertile setting. Granted, the ideas in it are original, but the novel just lacks life. The characters do not seem serious. It's like if they're on stage trying to come up with a good love story and failing miserably.The writing style does not make it better, as it does not incite one to read further.


The story revolves around Madeline a know-it-all-whiny-brat who does not think of anything other than her love affairs and her seizures. and guess what! she lives in two worlds! as if having to endure her whining in one world is not enough. She keeps jumping from a situation to another without giving herself time to think about her life and how comes she is able to find herself in another world.

She basically sees things from a child's perspective and she cannot deal with "something as crazy as finding herself in another world" without comparing how she loves Thomas in both worlds and how she considers Brandon her best friend.

(show spoiler)

She is naive and honeslty boring. The whole writing follows her fears and her feelings and her tiny romantic world. I just could not read her whining any further.