Fear and Trembling/Repetition - Søren Kierkegaard, Edna Hatlestad Hong, Howard Vincent Hong

Although the aim of this book is largely philosophical, I think that its most important merit lies in its poetical resonance.
I only skimmed through the first part (Fear & Trembling), so I can't say much about it.
The second part of the book (Repetition) is very interesting. According to the narrator, repetition is what helps us go forth, as unlikely as it may seem to some. Repetition is not recollection for what is repeated directs itself toward the future, while recollection traps the individual in the past.
Even though the narrator himself lost the capacity to repeat, as defined in its genuine form, he still admires his "friend's" ability to perform repetition.
S. Kierkegaard has a very subtle way to describe philosophical, and complex, concepts. It is pleasant and at the same time engaging to read him. The translation is quite smooth so it was a bonus.