Mon Faust - Paul Valéry

To me, Goethe's Faust was the  greatest work of Faust before I read Mon Faust. Now they both seem  at the same time so different, yet so complementary. One would have doubted that there could be a work that surpasses Goethe's inspiring plays, maybe that remaisn true, but if Valéry does not innovate itself in a better way, at least it equals Goethe's myth in the sense that Valéry was able to portray Faust in ways unreachable by Goethe. Indeed, Valéry was able to defy a whole tradition which makes of Faust an individual who remais in the grip of Mephisto all the time or at least for a while. This Faust defies the devil from the beginning to the end, and overcomes him. Instead of being the doom of Faust, Mephisto is the victim? of the genius individual.