The Warded Man - Peter V. Brett

Arlen: I need to change things. I need to fight. I want to stop fearing colerings. I want to fullfill the functions of the Deliverer without being called Deliverer.
Leesha: I want to marry. No wait, I'm more fit to become a Gardian. I want to heal people, and I want to keep my flower.
Rojer: I love Leesha, and I want her children.

I liked this novel. Really. I liked how the stories of different characters developped. We follow Arlen, Leesha And Rojer, and at first you think that they have nothing in commmon, yet the author was able to link their fate together, and they meet to become the Triple-Heroes.
Do not expect things to be the happiest in the world in this novel. People constantly die, virgins get raped, kids die etc. There are pictures that come near reality even though it all takes place in a world of fantasy.
The only thing that I really disliked in this novel is the lack of originality. The author seemed to have gathered different traditions religions etc and just renamed them and manipulated them in their own way.