Lives of Faust: The Faust Theme in Literature and Music: A Reader - Lorna Fitzsimmons

Lives of Faust is a rich collection of works which directly or indirectly adopt Faust as their subject-matter. Not only has the collection included the depiction of literary works, but also musical and sometimes broadcast works. What most attracted me in this book is the various perspectives from which Faust comes to the forth. Sometimes he is a fool who seeks to obtain a power he does not understand, and sometimes he is a true genius misunderstood by his surroundings. Sometimes he is saved, and sometimes he experiences a tragic doom. What is common to all the Fausts encountered is his uncontrollable desire to transcend the limits of his environments and his decision to take the Devil as a temporary ally.
This book shades the light on works I might not have read as Faustian constructs. It taught me to read Faust more as a universal being who might be any person because his desires are common to different individuals.
I recommend this book to anyone who would like to have a profound investigation of Faust.