Heart's Blood

Heart's Blood - Juliet Marillier Caitrin is a young woman obligated to leave her home because her relatives mistreat her. She tries to flee the bitter and frightening memories they have produced. Unsure where to go, Caitrin hides in a place reputed for being cursed and forbidden. Yet, Caitrin does not fear the place since any environment is better than Market Cross.
After a long struggle, Caitrin makes a place among the inhebitant of Wristling Tor. It becomes a warm place full of friends and love; a home. But the harmony of the place is occasionally disturbed by a frenzy and ultimately threatened to fall apart by a war.
Caitrin struggles to overcome all sorts of obstacles: her disturbed love for Anluan; her haunting past; the haunting demons of Wristling Tor... Will Caitrin overcome all the obstacles thrown in her path?

It has been a while since I have given a 5s to a book. It is refreshing. This novel has made me want to read YA novels again. I thought that YA had no more suprises for me, yet Heart's Blood proved me wrong. it is an exciting read; one that kept me eager to know what would happen next.
I like how the author chose to make her characters flawed, broken, imperfect. They seemed real to themselves, with all their uncertainties and scars. Each struggles to face the demons which haunt their existence, and they try their best to live with their burden. They are strong characters, with a scarred past and upcoming struggles to face. They are alive.

It is true that at times dialogues got repetitive, or the characters seemed weak and too apologetic, but I did like how the crisis was handled at the end. Caitrin is a brave, reckless, and curious being. Her hopeful spirit damages her beloved one; a man whose disability chains him. But perseverence was the key to their union. And even if they harmed each other greatly, they were the cure of each other.