Insurgent - Veronica Roth Context

Tris: I must find the truth. I want to die. No wait, I must find the truth, but I cant hold a gun. Oh no, I have to betray Tobias. ugh Why did I betray Tobias?
Tobias: Tris, stop being reckless. Gosh I can't control you.
Evelyn: Tobias, you will remain my son. Be a man! I didn't want to leave you, but oh well life's hard.
Christin: I will act all pissy at you, Tris. But deep down I forgive you. You are my friend. You had to kill Will. I hate you. No not anymore, I care!
Peter: Pfft! Why save her??? Damn I can't sleep if I dont save her! I must save her!
Caleb: Tris is my sister, but she doesn't see the truth. I will betray her to cling to the truth. I love no one, really.
Uriah: Everyone I love dies, but I will tr to keep smilign no matter what.

What I think
Insurgent was a bit disappointing.