Elk's Resolve

Elk's Resolve - Elaine Littau This novel was lovely to read. It was simply worded and well described. The characters caught my attention. And I didn’t feel bored reading it. It delt with a lot of interesting subjects : marriage, corruption etc However, there are some things that I didnt really appreciat.

The first and second chapters were not really connected to the rest of the novel, imo. It seemed that it was just a way to introduce Elk and how he met Miranda. I thought the novel will be about them at first. The change of the events weren’t disappointin tho. I just wish the 2 first chapters were written differently. I was not impressed with Miranda’s father. He seemed to be whining too much and get things done too little. They were settled there long enough to adapt to the new environment but they didn’t learn anything. Her father proved to be a bad father after all when he abandoned his daughter though we were led to think he was a good father at first.

Elk and his twin seemed to be TOO identical. In looks and in personalities. This was a disappointment. I wish they were different. They seemed to be TOO nice to be true too.
I also didn’t like how the girls would cry so much. It’s true that they went through too much but they’d cry whenevr they’re talked to or if they remembered something. 1, 2 cry ; 1, 2 cry. At the end I got used to them crying so much.
The novel seems to have two categories of characters : too nice and too evil.

I also didn’t appreciate the exceeding use of coincidence and the repetition. There are way too much coincidence. It made the novel seem glued together at some point. First Elk meets Miranda, then he meets his brother, then he « remeets » Miranda etc. then there is the repetition. Like Sarah who tells her same story two or three times in the novel.

All in all the novel was interesting despite its ‘flaws’. I sympathised with the characters and liked them and that made the novel worth reading.