Uncommon Magic

Uncommon Magic - Michelle Scott I got a copy to review.

I liked this story it’s very creative and the world in which the author puts us was simple and different from ours yet comfortable. The book kept being interesting and I couldnt stop reading till I finished it. I liked that the events where concentrating on one big issue : common machine Vs magic. Though the events were kinda ‘in rush.’ More description would have been welcome. We just jump from something to something else without taking the time to appreciate and grasp what is happening. Also there are times when some characters are totally forgotten. We dont really know what is happening between a character and another until we are informed that they didnt see each other for weeks and just met again as if nothing happened. I was often like ‘what about this or that character ??’
Even though the author concentrated on the commons and not the magicians, I didnt feel bad about it. It was interesting to read about Mira’s struggle with her environent. And I liked that it seemed realistic though there is the magicians in it. But unfortunately feelings werent really intense in this novel. Love, betrayal, anger etc it seems that the characters feelings weren’t deep. They got over their love or betrayal easily. Like when Jess stopped suddenly loving Mira and started being interested in Alessandria. And when Hanna Grace was betrayed by Mira and then got revenge and then Mira felt betrayed and then within few days everything was good again. Also how comes Mira falls in love with Quentin WHEN she was in love with Jess. And when Quentin kissed her she just decided that she loved him and nothing came out of it. What happened at the end to that love ? it was forgotten. Mira’s parents were forgotten too. We dont know what happened to them.
I didn’t like Mira that much. She is too naive and doesnt really learn from her mistakes. She is impulsive and doesnt think twice before making a decision. She is more passive than active and let herself be in situations she cant handle.
The end didn’t impress me that much but didn’t disappoint me either. I would have liked that something HUUUGE happened. I dont know if that is more good than bad though. The novel is more or less realistic in the sense that we dont have the ‘I love you forever’ BS or ‘the invention changed everything from a day to another’. I guess it’s a good thing that the realistic atmosphere wasn’t broken at the end.

There were some spelling mistakes and confusion at times like when Jess name was written isntead of Liam etc but that didn’t bother me much. I was still able to understand what is happening.
I didn’t like how some things are expressed sometimes like when Mira’s mother would say ‘I see’. I don’t think that a blind person would say that… but maybe it’s just me.

All in all this novel wasn’t a waste of time. I’m glad I read it.