Moon Called

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs This was a good read. I mean the kind that make you want to know what happens at the end. I liked Mercy. she wasn't annoying. Following her around was fun. I liked her relationship with other characters. She knew her place and didn't really seek to get into trouble UNLESS it's necessary. Though she was too suspecious at some point, but it was understandable.

There are some parts that I didn't get. I ws like 'hmm...wait what????' It's like if the author was jumping from something to somehing else or we were supposed to understand things without hints? I don't know maybe I'm just dumb.
There were also some parts I could have done without and were useless to the novel. I had to skip to not get bored.

The end was disappointing. The suspense made me wait for something really BIG, instead I found something really lame. It was too bad but oh well, I dont regret reading it. Mercy made it up in a way.