The Grass is Singing

The Grass is Singing - Doris Lessing Mary leads a peaceful balanced life until people's gossip makes her realise that she lives an illusion. She thinks that she has everything she has, yet society thinks that she needs a hubby. Defeated by a sad reality she decides to get married.

Dick Turner a proud young man who is struggling with life. He has wonderful dreams, but his farm is barely fruitful and he barely makes a living. He sees Mary and feels as if he is in love. He leaves aside his principles that consists of marrying only when he can afford it, and he marries Mary.

Years pass and they become miserable, more and more they are unsatisfied by their situation and by the inflexibility of the other. While Dick finds refuge in his farm, Mary gets more and more intimate with Moses, her slave.

She is a white women and he is a black slave. She sees him at first as an animal rather than human. She treats him as such too. But the more years pass the more she feels drawn to him which gives her much trouble. She cannot admit that she has feeling for him, but she cant control it. She falls in a chronic depression because of it. How can she, white, superior woman, feel anything other than despise for this man? She struggles to avoid him, but he always haunts her life, till the end....