Introduction to Phenomenology

Introduction to Phenomenology - Dermot Moran I have never read anything focused in Phenomenology. This is the first book I tried. Though This book encloses rich material, but I dont seem to be able to fully understand what it is really discussing. It is true that I blame myself and not the author since I know barely anything about Phenomenology, so this book is more adapted to someone who was already introduced to it. I've also noticed that it's based more on summarising ideas rather than analysing them. For instance, the relation of Phenomenology to Hermeneutics was quickly investigated, and what we got was a summary of philosophers' whose second concern is phenomenology (such as Gadamer, Heidegger). It is true that we need to have an idea about what their main concerns are, but it gets confusing now and then. I still give this book 4 stars because it provided me with MANY references which I could use for further investigation.