Poetry, Language, Thought

Poetry, Language, Thought - Martin Heidegger This was a refreshing read. What I really like about Heidegger is his capacity to bring to the fore new definitions and to stick to them. Even though he is usually linked to Nazism, i think that people tend to forget that behind that name also lies a whole heritage of philosophy whose aim id to detect truth where we do not usually see it. But what I find a bit off is that Heidegger has been so obsessed with Being that maybe it dragged his thinking down. I know that the core of his philosophy hovers around Being, but if he put Being withing a phenomenological sphere rather a transcendental one, maybe then he wouldnt have lost himself in a blind quest whose aim is to find a Being not accessible to us.

Still these essays have much to say. And I recommand this book to anyone who dares question the norms.