If I Stay

If I Stay - Gayle Forman Has anyone ever wondered what is like to stand between life and death? Mia Knows. She goes through that difficult exprience. It teaches her that she has lost most persons she cares for, but it also teaches her that she still has unfinished things on earth along with a bigger family who is at the same time selfless and loving.

This novel tries to show us that:
1- life can stop at any moment. Death can unexpectedly come and take us away, or take our beloved ones away from us.
2- We do not know how much someone loves us unless we are faced with a difficult situation.
3- Death can wait. Life is short as it is, why shorten it further?

What I disliked about this novel is that at times some situations felt fake (yea yea people can be nice etc etc etc but when Brooke came to the hospital for whatever Adamn had in mind... It's just.. No.... It didnt sound right at all. That particular scene broke the novel for me, tbh)

All it all, this novel is worth reading.