The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss

2.5 Stars



Kvothe: I'm perfect.

Bast: I need to protect my perfect master!

Chronicler: this will be long...



Spoilers Alert


I will not go into details, too tiring, too mundane, too repetitive.



So the story start witht the perfect life of Kvothe which soon turns into a nightmare after his troup, including his parents, die.  They get killed by Chandrians whom we want to know more about but we never get to that point because the story wanders too much. It becomes a love story of an anguished teen. When His parents died, the Great kvothe becomes a begger. After spending three eyes as a beggar, he decides that he wants to go to university to learn what I call witchcraf and what he calls sympathy. The Great Kvothe is so smart he that he was admitted to university at 15 while the official age is 17(?). But anyway what's important is that he is the Great Kvothe.

He spends year(s) at the university most of the time penniless, reckless and dumb. He might be good at casting spells, but he has social anxiety (one that he doesn't admit since he's in denial because of his delusion of Grandeur). He doesn't know how to deal with women; he doesn't know how to deal with ambrojerk (ambrose); he doesn't know how to deal with his teachers.



Is a narcissist know-it-all selfish asshole. I hated him from start to end, with small breaks of 'that was not so bad coming from you' and 'you're ridiculously funny sometimes'. He exhausted me with his so called perfection: perfect memory, perfect talent, perfect everything: yet he is most of the time penniless and clumsy, making me want to tear him apart.


Pace :

The events are too slow. Nothing significant is mentioned about the two supposedly main topics of the novel that is: the name of the wind and revenge. it is not an novel that makes you ask more because of all the action that it stirs. Rather, the novel keeps you wanting to know what kind of misfortune Kvothe will encounter next. Now one can just throw the book away, but being too curious, I kept reading until theh ending cursing myself because I could not stop. If Kvothe has become a legend we know nothing of it; instead we know everything about  his daily sufferings than his mundane accomplishments.


What I liked:

Elodin and Auri. The two nutties of the story. they made more sense to me than the 'normal ones'.