On The Iron King

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

Meg: I have to save Ethan.
Puck: I have to protect you.
Ash: I have to kill you.
Annoying thing that resembles a cat: this will be fun.



Alert spoilers

So once upon a time there was a young unnoticeable girl. She fades away wherever she goes and the only person who seems to never forget her is her friend Robin. But you see Robin is not really her friend; he is her protector! And Meg is a half blood princess (ahem). And she belongs to the faery realm.

The only time when her crush (whose name I cant remember) remembers her is when she becomes the most hated girl at school. Because some kind of force humiliated him on her account, she becomes a target and a whole drama ensues.  The guy gets revenge on her by making her seem like a whore. Long story short, She gets all upset she ends in the nursery, and between a state of consciousness and unconsciousness she gets a glimpse of the other world. I thought it was unnacessary to go into a whole drama to just introduce her to where she belongs. It seemed so.. pre-fabricated and fake.
Oh I forgot that it is her birthday! And all the misery of the world has befallen her in her birthday. Now sixteen, she:
-Is being bullied and humiliated.
-Complains far too much because no one apparently remembers her birthday other than Robin, Ethan and Ethan's stuffed toy. And she is really not satisfied because only 2 people and a thing remembered the damn day.
-Finds out that brother gets kidnapped and replaced by a doppleganger.
- Finds her mom knocked out by the doppleganger.
-Decides to save her brother no matter what the cost is.


Meghan is a self-centered whiny dork, a stubborn brat and annoyingly  impulsive.  I find most Meg's decisions to be wrong. She does not think. She only moves in a path that might lead to her brother. There is no strategy. She does not know what she is getting herself into. Everything resolves around 'i have to save my brother.' Sure, but you cant do so by putting in danger everyone who wants to help you.

 This novel suffers from some annoying inconsistancies. I wont get into details but sometimes the author seems to forget things she said and just contradict herself as a consequence. It's like if this novel still needs another draft. Or we can just blame Meghan for her dork-ry and accuse her of not making sense. The second thing i didnt like is that the novel is so predective. The novel does not invite us to explore new possibilities of procedure. It's just another copy-past kind of work. You just know what will happen next, so you're not really that excited about reading the book, imho. And the most disappointing prediction (if i have to choose one) is that the Iron King goes through a whole process, and risks to be discoved, in order to.. Make of Meghan Chase his wife.You would think that a king made of Iron would have more priorities than to play hide and seek with a teen, but no.. Let's just say even a half-mechanical guy wants to marry a girl who could be his daughter.. no, rather, his grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand... daughter

Come on... Just.... Ugh

The only point of originality is to introduce the Iron King in the faery world as a result of the technological presence that dominates our lives today. I guess that the idea of including an Iron King who emerged as a result of technology  is not that bad  (though expected since the author didn't stop drop clues). That idea could have been still worked out better.

Will i read the sequel? hmmmm I was determined not to read it but I've also heard that the series get better. My curse is my curiosity, but i will not go back to thisseries any time soon.. Maybe some day..